You provide the data - we create your reports. As simple as that.
Need to create many 
PowerPoint reports?

Manually creating weekly, monthly or quarterly reports? Let us automate the job instead!


Assign copy and paste to the past - let us automate your reports!

Customer Satisfaction Studies

Employee Studies

Benchmark Studies



Many reports

Need to create multiple PowerPoint reports? We often help our clients to create numerous reports at country / department / manager level

Automated reporting

Weekly or monthly reports in ongoing

brand surveys can be fully automated and delivered automatically through

e-mail or dashboards.

Your PowerPoint design

We use your PowerPoint theme and design to create reports with the right colours, fonts, images and layout. Keeping your brand on track.



We support:


Spearman / Pearson correlations

Significance tests to 90%, 95% and 99%

NPS/ Indexes/ 0-100 scale convertion

Time periods with moving averages

Coding of open ends


Hierarchical, Benchmark and Historical

Compare a unit's

result with total

Show top 10 units

Compare result using external benchmark values

Show development compared to previous studies

We look forward to solving your reporting problems

Jonas Ortman, CEO, chartandtable.com



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    What we need from you then:

An Excel, CSV, TXT or SPSS file with data

Variables description as a Word, PDF or Excel file

A PowerPoint theme/ template 

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