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Do you want us to visualize your data?

Below are some price examples.


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Heavy slide deck example

"The Research Product" case

Automation our way

Reoccuring similar PowerPoint reports? We help you all the way. Startup cost € 5.000. Repeats € 450.


5 000  

Employee Report example

"One report per manager" case

100 PowerPoint reports, 30 pages each

We custom design every PowerPoint page according to your needs. Your data file has 60 columns and you want us to create 100 different PowerPoint reports (i.e. one report per store/manager/country).


7 700

Monthly tracker chart examples

"The monthly tracker" case

10 PowerPoint reports,

30 pages each,
updated monthly

Your data file has 40 columns and you want a 30 page PowerPoint report with visualizations. Every month you send us a new data file to get updated reports.


4 000

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